Our proceedings


  • Craftsmanship60%
  • Use of machinery40%
  • Control and supervision100%

Vetroerre’s products arise from a careful and accurate engineering by our technical department. Through an in-depth study of raw materials and a constant research for new working techniques, Vetroerre creates special and groundbreaking prototypes that make glass the undisputed protagonist of your furniture.

Choosing the raw materials is one of the most fundamental tasks into the manufacturing process, since we want to maintain a very high quality standard. The materials we select come from all around Europe and thanks to the wide color range that we are able to offer, it is possible to create many color combinations.

We try to transform your idea into a unique and customized product. Once selected the material, the project realization begins, starting by the cutting of a big sheet of glass, from which derive all of the pieces that will compose the final product.The following proceedings can vary based on the requested item, but our specialty is UV bonding.

Eventually, before delivering the our products, a careful control of each and every detail will take place in order to verify that all of the proceedings have been carried out to perfection and that the final product matches the Vetroerre’s style.